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Grand View Manor
Grand View Manor

Friday, June 26, 2020

Green Phase Re-Opening and Visitation


Berks County has entered the Green Phase as of June 26 , at 12:01 a.m. and as such the following 3 Step program will be followed by Gov Wolf's Administration.  Before Step 1 the facility must provide it's plan to keep it's residents safe and provide for the mental well being through visitation and activities to combat feelings of loneliness

Be aware of the Following State Rules:

1) Develop an implementation plan and post that plan to the facility’s website, if the facility has a website, that specifies how the reopening and visitation requirements will be met. 

We have posted that here for your information

2) Administer tests within 24 hours of a resident showing COVID-19 symptoms and complete baseline testing as required in the Secretary’s Orders for skilled nursing facilities issued on June 8 and for personal care homes, assisted living residences, and private intermediate care facilities issued on June 26.

We will follow this guidance

3) Develop a plan to allow visitation that includes scheduling and other safety measures.

See Below

4) Develop a plan for cohorting or isolating residents diagnosed with COVID-19 in accordance with PA-HAN 509.

See Below

5) Establish and adhere to written screening protocols for all staff during each shift, each resident daily, and all persons entering the facility.

See Below

6) Have adequate staffing and supply of personal protective equipment for all staff.

Grand View Manor will keep adequate supplies on hand for Residents and Staff Protection as needed

7) Be located in a county that is either in the yellow or green phase of the Governor’s Reopening Plan.

Berks County is in Green Phase

Step One (June 26th): From the date the facility enters step one, a facility must maintain no new COVID-19 cases among staff or residents and have no spread in the facility for 14 consecutive days in order to enter step two.
Step Two (July 10th): While in step two, facilities are required to maintain no new cases of COVID-19 among staff or residents and have no spread in the facility for 14 consecutive days to progress into the final step. Visitation allowed.
Step Three (July 24th): The final step allows LTCFs to operate as outlined for the remainder of the Governor’s COVID-19 Disaster Declaration as long as there are no new COVID-19 cases among staff and residents for 14 consecutive days. Visitation allowed.

We offer SKYPE as a way to do online video/audio visitations. Please call us for information and to schedule a time to talk to our residents.

For In Person, we offer Outdoors Only Currently.
Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.   and    2 p.m. - 4 p.m.    and   6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Location: Outdoor Sitting Area including Gazebo Main Area of Building (Weather Permitting)
Screening: Non Contact Infrared Temperature Test, Staff Questioning
Tracing: Sign-In /Sign Out Record Keeping for all Visitors
Scheduling: All Visits must be made in advance by calling the Main Business Number (610) 944-1800. Please give us 24 hour advance notice if possible. Staff will tell you how to comply with safety rules when you arrive.
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Must wear Mask and Maintain 6 ft distance, No Contact whatsoever.
All Non-Essential visitors are not allowed in the building during these steps.  
Residents Diagnosed with COVID-19
Residents who show symptoms will immediately be tested under the protocols of the state of PA and quarantined against contact with any other resident in accordance with PA-HAN 509Staff will follow the protocol for full Personal Protection Equipment, including proper disposal of such after use.
Written Screening Protocol
STAFF: All staff before entering the building will wear a mask.  Upon entering the building will Sanitize Hands and be Screened by outgoing staff for Temperature by means of a Non-Contact Thermometer.
RESIDENTS: Residents are required to stay in the building or upon visitation to be outside in designated area when assisted by staff to ensure proper protection equipment is present. Residents shall be monitored daily to look for any signs or symptoms 
VISITORS: All visitors must wear masks when approaching building, sanitize hands before touching anything and be screened for temperature by means of a Non-Contact Thermometer.